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Marinus F. Rooders
Born 1956, The Hague, Netherlands

Location: Munich

Languages: German, English and Dutch

Main focus: Coaching of specialists and executives in the development of effective leadership skills and behaviors centered on Emotional Intelligence.

Method: Adaptive Business Coaching

Background: International Sales and Marketing functions, General Management and CEO of a German AG. Operational experience with companies in USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Nordic, Germany and Singapore. Since 2003 independent Coach and Management Consultant.




Membership at:

ert executive coaching
ehrlich (honesty)
respektvoll (respect)
teamorientiert (teamwork)

Effectiveness (Stephen R. Covey)
Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
Personal Coaching (Dr. Björn Migge)
Nonviolant Communication (M. Rosenberg)
Adaptive Coaching (Lore Institute USA).

“True humor begins when
a man ceases to take
himself seriously”

 Hermann Hesse

Dr.Migge Coaching Ausbildung und Seminare profilingvalues

Persanality profile:

“Ermutiger” (encoaraging)
“Vermittler” (facilitating)

Myers Briggs type indicator

Gallup StrenghtsFinder

StandOut 2.0 (Buckingham)

“Der Macher” (the doer)

Psychologischer Berater - Personal Coach
Licensed Practitioner for Happiness at Work
Covey Zertifikat: "7 Habits of highly effective people"
Mitglied im Qualitätsring Coaching & Beratung Verband Mitglied in der Lions Club München-Friedensengel
Ich unterstütze SOS-Kinderdorf

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Directions and contact details Executive and Business Coaching in Munich